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About Us

Eros Center Porto: An Ode to Sensory Pleasure Through the Art of Massage

In the heart of Porto lies a space where pleasure transcends the physical, reaching into the depths of the soul and being.

Eros Center Porto is more than just a mere establishment; it is a sanctuary dedicated to the refined art of massage, where the erotic and the transcendental merge into experiences of pure sensory ecstasy.

Here, the pursuit of absolute pleasure is conducted with deep respect and celebration of the body, on a journey of discovery and unparalleled satisfaction.

With a clear vision and unwavering mission, we proudly assert: What we offer is an experience far beyond, an exploration of tantric lingam and body-to-body massage that redefines the boundaries of pleasure.

Our massages, an innovative fusion of tantra, Thai massage, Moroccan massage, erotic body-to-body, and the original Japanese Nuru massage, are unique creations that will not be found anywhere else. This is a space of art, sensitivity, and deep connection.

Our journey is marked by innovation and careful study.

We have traveled the world, absorbing knowledge and techniques that allow us to perfect and create massages that challenge conventions and exceed expectations.

Every element of Eros Center Porto has been carefully designed to provide an environment of intimacy and comfort, where guests can surrender to the massage experience with total confidence and openness.

Here, each touch is an expression of art, each movement a poetry of pleasure.

We deliberately distance ourselves from the conventional offering of sexual services to establish a domain where massage is the true protagonist, an erotic adventure that respects and celebrates the integrity of each individual.

We invite you to discover Eros Center Porto, a place where genuine massage reaches the level of a transcendental experience.

Allow yourself to be guided by our hands on a journey that promises not only to awaken the senses but also to enrich the soul.

This is an invitation to explore pleasure in an authentic and artistic manner, in an environment that is truly unique.

Eros Center Porto: A celebration of pleasure, a journey to ecstasy, an encounter with the art of massage in its highest and purest form.

With Love

Daniella Oliveira

Founder & CEO

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