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Welcome to Eros Center Porto, the ultimate destination for those seeking not just sensory ecstasy, but also the fulfillment of their deepest desires.

Distinguished as the best massage spa in Porto, we specialize in a variety of sensual, tantric, and erotic massages, catering to men, women, and couples who wish to explore life's pleasures without restrictions.
Our approach is unique, blending ancient techniques with innovative practices to offer unforgettable experiences of relaxation and pleasure.
From the intense and original Nuru massage, renowned for its intimate body-to-body contact, through the exotic Moroccan massage, with its rich and enveloping traditions, to the therapeutic Thai massage, which relieves tensions and restores balance, each therapy is a journey to self-discovery and ecstasy.
We also include the profound Lingam and Yoni massages, designed to unlock new levels of sensory satisfaction, ensuring that each visit to Eros Center Porto is a discovery of new dimensions of pleasure.
At Eros Center Porto, we believe that pleasure knows no bounds – a sanctuary where men, women, and couples are welcome to explore their most intimate desires in a discreet and welcoming environment. Our commitment to excellence and customization of treatments positions us as the best choice for sensual massage in Porto. Join us for an unparalleled journey to the heart of sensory pleasure. Enjoy an experience that celebrates individuality, honors your personal journey, and elevates your state of well-being to new heights. This is not just an invitation for a massage; it is an invitation for transformation.

Our masseuses

All of our therapists are certified in massage.



Erotic Nuru Journey in Porto


Unlocking Desire: Erotic Tantra


Sara Spinola Massagista


Massagista Erótica


Eros Center's Intense Erotic Massage


Eros Center's Ultimate Sensual Escape


Massagista Masculino

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Male Masseuse

Eros Center's Charismatic Male Masseur


Meet Our Therapists: Masters of Massage at the Heart of Porto

At Eros Center Porto, the excellence of our massages is embodied in the therapists who make up our team. They are the artisans of your relaxation and pleasure, each with their unique signature, weaving well-being experiences that remain etched in memory.

Experts in the Art of Well-Being

Selected for their skill and dedication to the art of massage, our therapists are true experts in awakening sensations. Proficient in a wide range of techniques — from the enveloping Nuru massage, through the deep connection of tantric massage, to the energizing Thai and Moroccan massages — they excel in customization, tailoring each session to your needs and preferences.

Commitment to Excellence

Our team is the heart of Eros Center Porto, and our commitment to excellence defines us. Each therapist brings not only skill but a genuine passion for the transformative power of massage. They are your guides on a journey of discovery, where each touch is designed to renew, energize, and soothe.

An Experience of Trust and Respect

We value the relationship of trust between therapist and client above all. Our space is a sanctuary of respect and discretion, where you can explore pleasure and relaxation with total serenity. The therapists at Eros Center Porto are dedicated to providing you with a safe, intimate, and fully tailored experience.

Discover the Magic in Our Therapists' Hands

We invite you to meet the massage masters who make Eros Center Porto an unparalleled destination. Allow yourself to be transported by hands that know precisely how to touch, relax, and revitalize. Here, more than just receiving a massage, you will embark on a journey of rejuvenation and pleasure, carefully orchestrated by our therapists, who are waiting for you.

note: During the massage there is no type of sexual activity (social interaction) nor do we offer massages that include any sexual service or complement. Masseurs reserve the right to terminate the massage if the client behaves offensively.






Powerful healing practice used to relax and improve overall well-being.

Discovery of new feelings and sensations.


Immerse yourself in a sea of warm, fragrant oils that caress your skin and your senses.
This therapy is carried out with particularly gentle, long and calming movements alternating with the therapist's body in an unparalleled meander of excitement and pleasure.


Deeply interactive massage

of exchange and affection. There, you receive, feel and enjoy great and pleasurable sensations, in addition to learning how to touch and massage the therapist.

Blind Date

We will seduce and torment you with tenderness. At the beginning of therapy your eyes are blindfolded and your hands are tied.
You can do nothing but enjoy the fabulous contacts of your partner of desire.

Prostatic Greek

This masterful massage is hypnotic, powerful and deeply pleasurable.
It doesn't have an ordinary ending - it's extraordinary! Allow yourself to experience an ultra-intensified culmination.

Romantic Couples

Allow your relationship to reach a super sensual new dimension with tantric massage for couples.
A safe but exciting way to increase your erotic pleasure together

Carpe Diem

The Carpe Diem massage is one of the most fascinating experiences in life.
Enjoy the moment!

Sultan's Bath

Wide, intimate and mysterious.

This is the Jewel of our home. Feel like a real Sultan.


Eros Center is an exclusive and sophisticated venue. Here you will be immersed in a world of style and elegance, with the best atmosphere and comfortable and hygienic facilities.

Tranquil relaxation area in Eros Center Porto.
Luxury massage suite at Eros Center Porto.
Elegant reception of Eros Center Porto.
Elegante representação de uma terapeuta do Eros Center Porto, preparada para uma sessão de massagem, evocando um ambiente de beleza e relaxamento.

If you need an exciting experience or simply to relax, enjoy quality time and rebalance body and mind, don't hesitate to contact us.

Friends promotion event at Eros Center Porto.

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"Expert female masseuse at Eros Center Porto ready to provide a serene massage experience.


Skilled male masseur at Eros Center Porto offering tailored massage techniques for ultimate comfort.


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