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Couple Massage

Eclipse Massage for Couples (70 min / 100 min)

A Journey of Connection and Pleasure


Discover the depth of connection and pleasure together with the Eclipse Massage. Guided by the skilled hands of our masseuses, this experience for couples is an invitation to ecstasy through meticulously orchestrated touches that promise to intensify your bond and explore new dimensions of pleasure.

  • 70 Minutes: 1 Masseuse: €200 | 2 Masseuses: €250

  • 100 Minutes: 1 Masseuse: €340 | 2 Masseuses: €390


Mutual Massage for Couples (70 min / 100 min)

Awaken Passion Through Expert Touch

Experience the thrill of mutual pleasure with our Mutual Massage. This unique session allows couples to receive simultaneous massages from our skilled masseuses, creating a shared experience of relaxation and sensual discovery. Explore the art of touch as our experts guide you through a journey of mutual exploration, deepening your connection and enhancing your intimacy.

  • 70 Minutes: 1 Masseuse: €300 | 2 Masseuses: €350

  • 100 Minutes: 1 Masseuse: €440 | 2 Masseuses: €490


Nuru Massage for Couples (70 min)


Dive Deep into Sensual Connection

Experience the unparalleled body-to-body encounter with our authentic Nuru Massage. Revel in the closeness and warmth that only Nuru can provide, using genuine Nuru gel for an exceptionally slippery and intimate experience. Choose between the enticing allure of topless masseuses or the full immersion with our naturist option, each designed to bring you and your partner closer than ever before.

  • Topless: 1 Masseuse: €310 | 2 Masseuses: €360

  • Naturista: 1 Masseuse: €350 | 2 Masseuses: €400



Blind Date Massage for Couples (70 min)

A Unique Adventure of Heightened Sensations


Step into a one-of-a-kind experience where both you and your partner are blindfolded, enhancing every touch and whisper. This massage deepens trust and amplifies sensations, offering a mysterious journey into sensuality and connection.

  • 1 Masseuse: €330

  • 2 Masseuses: €380


Carpe Diem Massage for Couples (70 min / 100 min)


A Symphony of Sensations


Dive into the oasis of pleasure with our Carpe Diem Massage, crafted for couples seeking an erotic journey beyond the ordinary. This exquisite session combines the best of our offerings: the slippery embrace of Nuru, the intimate touch of the Kissing Bloody Mary, and the synchronized harmony of the Mutual Massage, culminating in a sensory experience that promises to dazzle and delight.

  • 70 Minutes: 1 Masseuse: €470 | 2 Masseuses: €520

  • 100 Minutes: 1 Masseuse: €630 | 2 Masseuses: €680

Plunge deep into erotic euphoria. Accept the invitation to a tantalizing journey where every caress, every glide, and every kiss is a tribute to the art of erotic massage. With the Carpe Diem Massage, passion is pursued without reserve, and pleasure knows no bounds. Book your passage to ecstasy and begin the journey to unparalleled joy.

Notes on the Massages:

Environment:  The massage takes place in a serene setting where soft lighting, soothing music, and delicate scents set the stage for relaxation.

Lingam/Yoni Massage: Depending on the session's orientation, it may include a Lingam massage (focused on men) or Yoni massage (focused on women), conducted with sensitivity and respect, aiming for relaxation and exploration of pleasure.

Feedback and Adjustments: Communication is key to a satisfying experience. You are encouraged to provide feedback on pressure and technique to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout the session.

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